Sign Language App - Please Help

Hi, I’m making an app for people to learn sign language. I plan on changing the design, but the app’s code isn’t working.
Device used: Laptop - Windows 10,
Components Used: Image, Buttons, Airtable, Text Inputs

The app works by clicking Learn on the first screen and entering what letter the app is showing in sign language.

The app always shows B sometimes or displays nothing after the first image.
Link: Thunkable

Here’s the code:

I’m using Airtable for this.


You initialized your image variable to a text string so it’s expecting text. But you’re assigning an Airtable value to that variable. Is that Airtable column a text column? Because if it’s an Image/Attachment column, I don’t think that’s going to work. Instead of assigning the Airtable value to that variable and then setting ImageAlphabet's Picture to the variable, try assigning the Airtable value directly to ImageAlphabet's Picture. I’m not convinced that’s the issue but it very well may be.

If that doesn’t solve it, show us what your Airtable data looks like.

You also can use the break out of loop block after the set app variable image block if you like. It will shave off a tiny fraction of time. :slight_smile:


This is what it
looks like:

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@suqar-skiies_scratch this sounds like a great idea for an app!

In this case, since the signs for the letters aren’t going to change you could download the images from Wikipedia (giving credit in your app, of course!) and add them directly to your project. This will make loading times a lot faster.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the reply, @domhnallohanlon!

The problem is this is for a project and it’s mandatory I use Airtable.

Evelyn Archer :fireworks:

The problem is that you’re setting the image variable outside of the IF block. So even if it doesn’t match the input letter, you’re still changing the value of the image variable.

So either break out of the loop as I suggested above or move the set block to inside the IF block.

Done, but the image doesn’t appear for me…


You’re still setting the value of app variable image every time your loop counts up by one. The set app variable image to block needs to go inside of the IF block. Right now, it’s below it. That won’t work.

Also, your break out of loop block is going to break the loop the first time it runs. It also needs to be inside the IF block.