Retrive specific image from Airtable


I am currently stacked with this issue, I have searched on the community forum and online but I seem not to find a solution. The situation is actually very simple:
In the app I want to type a word, and consequently retrive the specific image from a list I made in Airtable.

I have integrate with the post from @Mark on how to retrive images from airtable
But it works for a cell in a specific row. while instead I’d like to search between many.

Here I attache the two tries I made
Can you comment what I do wrong?

This is one:

This is the other:

Basically what I’d like it do do is so that if I type “dog” I get the picture fo the dog

FTW, the example Airtable sheet looks like this

So far I solved the issue like this.
To be honest, it works, but is not exactly the best solution or the one I tired to.

The code is:

The spreadsheet was modified to this: