Sign In occurs, thunkable refreshes

In one project, I have used Sign In component. but on mobile, when I click on the “sign-in” button and sign in occurs, Thunkable refreshes. could anyone please help? its an emergency.

Why is it an emergency?

i have to submit in my cs school please be quick.

Honestly, I’m not in a hurry today. It’s a Saturday and if I can help you or anyone else on the forums, I will.

i dont have time for all that. i have one hour time left sorry. if you can help, then please.

i live in india and its night now I have to send by 12.00 and its 11.00

I wish you luck but just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean that someone can figure out the problem and solve it right away for you.

I would recommend checking the values of your green “error” blocks to see what’s happening.

You might take a look at this topic also: Code crashes thunkable