Sign In component not working on Android


I’ve come across this issue more than once now. I use the Sign In component with my app. This works as should on iOS & Web, but Android does not work. It used to spit an error for Invalid API Key, but now on Android it returns nothing.

This goes for Live Companion (both older and the latest version) & the downloaded APK.

I’ve fixed this before on another project but the only solution was to delete the screen the Sign In component was used on. Maybe someone could take a look at this for me, I’m happy to share a project link privately. I’m unsure how this would be re-created.

My blocks:

You can see where I am trying to retrieve an error code with the Text Input block. On Android, this doesn’t return anything. iOS and Web return “undefined”, which means no error.

I’d really appreciate any help on this,
Thanks :slight_smile:

Check This Out
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I am sorry. I sent the wrong link. Check this one out : Sign In Masterpost

I know how to use the component. It’s a genuine issue regarding the component on Android. Please read my initial post correctly. Thanks.

Looking into that now.

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This issue seems to be related to stored variables which contain the user’s email and password, however a test project does not show any errors when using the same method. Would I be able to have someone check out my project?