Show random images from Database

Can anyone help me on how to show up to 3 or more random images from Cloudinary in my app at same time when the Home screen opens.
I’ve brainstormed on how to block it but it’s not working.
Trust you guys to help me on this

Create a spreadsheet with all of the urls of the images you want to pick from.

Create four variables called imageURL1, imageURL2, imageURL3, and imageURL4. Create another variable named URL_list.

When the screen opens, set URL_list to the list of values for the spreadsheet column. Then set imageURL1 to [get and remove] random list item. Repeat for the other imageURL variables. Assign the four images’ background pictures on your home screen to each of the four imageURL variables.

If you get stuck, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.

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Thank you

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