Show partial records when using Data Viewer List

I’d like to generate a page with the simple DVL but with not all the records it founds on table, but with only some of them, selected (for example) by Customer Code.


Records in Table XXX

I want to show (by using DVL) only records starting with “12”


Hello @rusticone
You will need to connect the Data Viewer List with a local table. Each time that you will open the screen, the old data will be deleted from the local table and the new data will be saved to the local table if the condition is true. Please check the example below.

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Grazie! I’ll try it asap!

Well. I did this:

But I have two problems:

  • the local table (tmpAcquisti) doesn’t erase;
  • the loop “repeat X times” doesn’t ends…


Because you are creating a row, triggering the loop. It’s like having one paper and adding a new paper the number number of papers.

Because you are adding a row again

I tried to copy the note suggested by @ioannis up here…

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