Show buttons for i in number of options

So I know with lists you can make it so that it shows i for the number of options. But is there any way of doing this with buttons in some way. So I can change the look. Or can there be an option to add the ability in thunkable x to change the style of lists and add photos etc.

Open to comments. I would like to be able to do this in thunkable x.


Hi there,

So is that idea that you want to have Button1, Button2, Button3, etc. and then have a block that says ‘count with i from 1 to 3, for Button{i} do [something]’?


Maybe buttons was the wrong word. I have a list on one of my apps connected to firebase in such a way. So i can update it from firebase by using a delimiter (comma) between each option. But i would like to have a list in such a way that i can style and space out each option like i could do with buttons. eg. i could round the corners between each option, add a sub title to each option and maybe a photo or change the background of each one. Something with the styling of the paypal app with the rounded edges and spacing. I looked into a few things and i think it is with styling lists but i am still unsure. Maybe you may know?

many thanks


Hi Eoin,

Thanks for clearing that up!

Right now, you can only edit the List Viewer as one whole unit, and the only styling options available are making the arrows visible or invisible, changing the background colour, and adding a border.

You can read about these options in the List Viewer docs.

However, we will we rolling out the Extended List Viewer soon, as you can see in our release notes. Then you’ll have more control over how your List Viewer looks!

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi, that looks really cool! There are many extensions for lists with thunkable classics and the like where you can change the lists. Would be great to be able to add photos or change the styling a good bit more.

Thanks again!

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