Button give a lot of options and return in a list this options

Hi guys, for the best example, i posted an image to understand better…

So, i need when i click in one of these buttons in the top (Brand, Flavour(s) or Rating) he open a list with many options to select and return all options with the options i selected.

In brand:

Flavour(s) are more complicated, because maybe one of these have more one options, so i put 3… and who are using will put in your preference ordem…

but need give the same result if i put

and Rating is the same of brand for now, but i will need create a system voting. I think will create another topic to talk about this.

How to create this? if have a project for me see blocks will be better.

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I believe you can accomplish these with Thunkable Classic with help of plugins and not Thunkable x.

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hahaha… in thunkable classic o think u can do anything, the real challenge is do this in thunkable x :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea thats the real challenge as Thunkable X is still in development stage :frowning: with so many missing juicy features :sob:.

I am more concerned about the fact that not all phones can run apps made with Thunkable

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To do this i creat an alert list, so now when i click in this button he show:

The problem now are how to use block for each item in this list.

How did u create it?

i tried use alert system, but dont worked well… if are possible put any button a command to change a text will be done, are possible kartik? =)

Hi, on the scrDialogs screen, there are several examples of how to get a value from a list of dialog options. Pay attention to the fact that on Android your dialogue will look different and not the way we would like.


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