Set order or sort clones without re cloning

Is it possible to resort or reorder clones in a column without having to remove all of them and reclone?

I don’t think so but assuming that all clones start out the same, why would you need to do that? Can’t you just re-order the content or properties and achieve the same effect?

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In a case where there’s a lot of rows, a user may want to reorder by date new to old, or old to new for example. Seems it would be easier and faster to sort existing than to remove all and clone again.

Yes, but again, I would change the content of the components rather than moving the components. So you can alter labels and other components’ text + properties without moving them anywhere.

I thought about that too, but figured rearranging them would be most efficient, because if so I could move entire rows rather than edit the content of every single component inside each row.

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