Server Crash Error


I was using Thunkable today to teach some of my students App Development and the server kept crashing for us. This is our first class and I am worried whether this is a common occurrence. Having 20 students on a voice call trying to use a platform that keeps crashing is very frustrating.

I really like thunkable and think it is a great teaching tool so I wanted to reach out and see whether this is a common issue or a one time issue.

Hey @spidermonkey2017ytxf :wave:, thanks for sharing! There have been several reports of system crashes today. I’m sure the admins will be looking into this!

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Thank you,
I hope they will resolve this quickly! My students really like it so far!

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It’s great! What kind of apps do your students want to build?

I am really wanting to branch out and learn to use an Ardunio device to do some animal training with the help of a thunkable app to manage all of the logic. (side note: I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who loves teaching animals as much as teaching humans)

We are using it to help teach the basics of code and App Design/Development so we are starting off with the basics and most of our students have not even coded before. Today we focused on showing students the website and we wanted to show them a bit of coding through creating a canvas and drawing.

That sounds incredible, what sort of output would you incorporate to deliver the training?


Are you familiar with BF Skinner and the work he did with pigeons and rats? The training that was requied to produce the beahivors in the following videos could all be accomplishd throught he use of signal lights, a servo to deliver a food reward by operating a food delivery arm/auger idea, and some operandum the animal pushes to deliver the reward.

the pigeons were taught using automated machines.
the rats were taught using human input

or this

and this is another idea from the world of behavior analysis that uses machines for teaching. this is one of the oldest videos that show computer assisted learning and it comes from the world of Behavior Analysis, from my professional idol/mentor and could be recreated (and is the works of being done) with Thunkable