Sequential order of events, modal panels/groups within a screen

Trying to create reusable “yes/no” group/panel within a screen for tasks that require confirmation; having trouble in this paradigm. In my thinking, re. an "on-event-click button for doing a thing, in order:

  1. When the button-click-event triggers,
  2. group/panel with the original event button disappears (visible=false),
  3. yes/no (with yes and no buttons) panel visible=true,
  4. yes or no button pressed,
  5. maybe set a flag (for yes),
  6. yes-no panel visible=false, original panel visible=true,
  7. …but then what? Everything fine up to this point, but then how do we then return to the initial/triggering block and process the yes/no flag set by the yes/no panel buttons? What’s the “right” way to do this in Thunkable?

If I’ve got 5 different operations that require user confirmation, I just want to reuse a single feature to get it.

Thanks much!

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