Separate platform for Apple App Development in Thunkable X

I think a separate Thunkable must be created for developers who want to develop apps in Thunkable for i Phones. Its because most of the people are coming in Thunkable X for building apple apps only and Thunkable Classic is a better option to create android apps than the Cross Platform.
Its also being tough for you to bring components which are compatible for both android and apple. So, I think that a separate platform must be created for Apple developers as it would be easy to you all to bring components which be be compatible for just one OS.

Its being very difficult to build a good application in the Thunkable X with the extensions available at present. Thunkable X is being very limited. We want a limitless platform.

BTW love you Thunkable.

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The key idea of Thunkable X is the ability to create cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. For this reason, you see the X symbol in the platform name. If you need to create applications only for iOS, then in addition to Xcode you can use other platforms, for example, Pythonista 3

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I’ve heard that JavaScript is also used for creating hybrid apps for both Android and iOS using Cordova. Is JS worth using for creating apps ?
Can you please give me a small information about it ?

If you want to use JavaScript for development for iOS and Android, then I can recommend React Native. If you use Google search, you will find at least a dozen platforms for developing hybrid JavaScript applications without a hand. If you say that the Thunkable X engine uses JavaScript, you will not be mistaken either.

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Hi @prasaddhandayal19723

this is totally the opposite of what Thunkable X stands for. The real benefit of Thunkable X against other drag & drop builders is actually that it is two in one platforms. If you seriously think building for only one platform will be a better and going to be a great success then I guess you should reconsider that. Almost every successful app nowadays is both Android & iOS and there are only really few that are really successful and only support one OS… I personally thought a lot about creating apps in Android Studio and x-Code but I really don’t like the idea of having to do all the work twice… That’s why Thunkable X is great.

Also, of course Thunkable X is in very early stages right now and sometimes I wished they would do more fixes than new features but it gets better with every update. Btw. every app builder will always be limited in its features and possibilities… You simply can’t create everything in a drag & drop environment :wink:

Best, Chris


Hi @prasaddhandayal19723,

Thanks for your feedback, our focus is on building a cross platform app builder, and making it as easy a possible for anyone to build an app.

Can I ask what type of app you’re trying to build? We’d be happy to help you achieve your goals.

We published an audit last month, and Thunkable X actually has better feature coverage than Classic.

Could you let us know what component you’re trying to use, as it may simply have a different name?



Hey, Please don’t take it as a negative feedback. I am in ThunkableX just to create my app for iOS version as its the best app creator on the internet on today’s date for creating an iOS app.

By this, I want to just say that its lacking some essential components. According to me, the developers in ThukableX would be those who want to create app for iOS because Thunkable Classic is better than the Cross Platform for creating ANDROID apps.

The most important components which I would wish in ThunkableX are Custom Notifier, Google Sign In, Bottom Sheet, Side Menu ( Custom )…

Thank You and I love ThunkableX as it is much more easy to make app in it than the Classic version and designing features are also pretty good like padding, margin, border radius.


Have you requested these features using the feature request form in the pinned post of this forum?


Not at all - we openly welcome all feedback @prasaddhandayal19723!

Did you get a chance to look at my comparison here? Thunkable X now has more features than Classic, however if you were a Classic user they might just have different names or locations.

If you have a specific component that you’re looking for please let us know and we’re happy to guide you.

I’d recommend getting started with:

And start building your app and your user base. Remember that App development is iterative, your first version won’t be (and shouldn’t be!) perfect. Once you launch your app your users will give you feedback and will help inform what way development should progress.

Thank you for your kind words. We really appreciate all our users, and with features like “Duplicate” component and the “Any Component” blocks we’re making it even easier for you to build better apps faster!


What do you mean by the ‘Any Component’ blocks ?

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‘Any Component’ blocks are blocks that let you create and clone components.

You can also trigger certain events when any component (of a certain type of component in a certain area; examples are all Buttons in Screen1, or all Label in Row1) is engaged with, or have an effect on any component.

Read more about the any component blocks here.

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First I would like to congratulate Thunkable. Simply an incredible tool.
Now I would like to ask a question.
I have been having some difficulty in creating layouts in Thunkable due to the lack of responsiveness in creating the tool, is there a project to transform the simpler graphic part such as the functioning of ADALO, for example? welcome to the community!

Can you tell us a little more about the type of layout you’re trying to create and we’ll do our best to guide you.

Can you give some examples here of what “lack or responsiveness” means to you?

We have lots of great templates and starter projects to get you up and running quickly. What “simpler graphic parts” would you like to have?