Sending Emails From Thunkable App | Gmail App

Hello @cctricks Big thanks for the response sir, i didn’t use any variable, is it necessary?

here is my block
what is the error

if this problem can be solved i will be so much happy, i never know why web component never favor me

Hi, I have followed all the logic of creating a Google Web App for sending an email and linking the 'https" URL in Thunkable WebAPI module, but I am getting an error “the website or service provider you are trying to reach does support HTTPS” when I call the POST function.

Do you have any suggestions on what to do?

This only happens when you test any API call from thunkalbe live on website.

try with companion app… it’ll work :grin:


Thanks, that helped. I also had some permissions issue. It is working fine now on the mobile device as well as desktop Live Test.

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It changes when the G-script is Used in Different Account

@cttricks Thank you. I will try to do this for sending OTP to user email for verify if it’s the workable email.

Thank you so much.


Any way to send attachment with this solution?

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i have a similar problem except for the fact that i have to send a image, so in my parameters should i have it as an image URL ? AND IF SO HOW SHOULD I CHANGE MY GOOGLE SCRIPT ?


Can you share your app script and the blocks you are using?

I am sending a preformatted email with html using this method.


well for the blocs, i have stored them into a cloudinary and have got the media url, so can i add in another parameter and replace it in the code using replace url to image? is there any such command?

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Thanks for this awesome tutorial!! I just have one question: If I publish it as a web app will it work?


It works perfectly! Just was wondering if there was a way to change who the emails from, would i use var from = e.parameters.from …?

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@p.powercoders1i0t, I’d guess from the way the script is set up that this isn’t possible

How many different “from” addressed do you use?

You can send with an alias but not just any old name

See this page

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Hi cttricks, how about outlook instead of gmail? is that possible?

Thank you @cttricks . It’s working!

It’s not working

maybe share a picture of your blocks and google app script code to provide some information so the problem can be easily identified.

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Do you know of a way to do this @jared? I need this feature in my app.


Sorry but my app is private.