Thunkable x issue - can a user send an email from app to developer (ie me?)

This is fairly simple question, I hope. I want a button/text box where user can send email with suggestions to my email from within app.

Is there any way to send email per above? I read some posts with a few suggestions, but nothing that seems to be an accepted way to achieve this fairly straightforward task.
Any suggestions?

I see several extensions that seem to provide this capability, but my understanding is version X doesn’t allow extensions to be used yet - is that actually the case, and does any one know when extensions will be added to the X version?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I already have a fairly robust app put together in thunkable; my compliments to the creators for a really cool interface/language.


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Hi @rshepard

You can refer to this discussion. And I think you can do it by only couple of steps on Thunkable X.


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Joannie- Thanks for the advice; I will try it today, but it looks like that’s what I need!