Email OTP Verification | Using App Script URL

Hello Everyone !!

Today i have created an alternative way to verify the users via their email id. This method is not only for the Thunkable X you can also use this in Thunkable Classic too :smiley:

So I have just created a Google app script, which allows you to send the email directly from your app to the users email [ provided by the user ]
Here is a sample :video_camera: video to show you How the app & Script works. :link: Click Here to watch !!


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//Ct tricks

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Did I miss something… There is nothing there. You show it :“can” be done, but no script or tutorial or aia

Is this click bait?

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:grin: No definitely not !!

Actually i don’t know, is there any need of this or not ! Definitely there are many more ways of verifying users if you are creating your app on thunkable. So if you show your interest in this then i’ll definetly provide all he details about How to do this ?

Like the blocks screen shot, AIA file, script and the process to setup your email otp verification system.

So please don’t take me wrong !! I’m just curious to know if you are interested or not. :wink:



Any progress with full video?)

Have you tried our new Video component?


Have you tried our new Video component ?

No, because it’s not related to what I’ve asked for: the full video explaining how to use Email OTP which was advertized by @cttricks.

I’l share the complete blog or tutorial by todays evening… I’m sorry to keep you all waiting… Actually i was not sure if there is any need of this or not so… i didn’t made any tutorial video or blog on this.


Sorry for the misunderstanding ;-(


@cttricks Have you made it?)

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@cttricks hey! I know this is old but I feel this is a tutorial many of us in the community may appreciate! I’m wondering if you ever ended up making one?

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@cttricks Hello!,

I’m sorry but where can I get your tutorial on this topic? I really need to include this feature into my app. Please help. Thank you in advance.


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