Send request to whatsapp

I have the following problem.

I need my customers to place an order for my thunkable application. So far so good.

It turns out that I also need the request to be sent by whatsapp to a defined number.
The problem encountered is that when I use the APK application the new lines are put without problems but when the request is made by the web version whatsapp does not understand what these new lines are and groups all the text.

It is very important for my company that these lines are put in the message.

Can someone help me?

This is my project link

have you tried entering newline as ā€œ\nā€ ?

i make it more simple. when it click to button directly go to whatsapp application.


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Sim. Sem sucesso

replace your newlines with ā€œ%0aā€

Thank you very much
You saved my project
something so simple
worked perfectly

iā€™m glad i was able to help!