Send Push Notification Through Thunkable

I am unable to send push notification through thunkable . Plz Help

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Do let me know once you get an answer worth satisfying.

Show your work and where you got stuck.

me too I have generated through one signal but its not working

Yes Sending the pics

Can u plz help

See this, here you can find the correct blocks:

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Plz help

Have you verified your JSON?

Here’s part of what I did:

What this does is send the specific phone a message. The UserID is the one generated by OneSignal, though I’m not sure if this happens
You also need to have a header set as: Content-Type: application/json; charset-utf-8

You don’t have to have the tags part, if you don’t need it remove the last comma before “tags” and add a curly bracket }

I can’t remember the JSON needed for the message and title, but it should easy to find.

Also AFAIK, use PUT not POST (though my information is over a year old).

Good luck.

Try this project. You need to supply the AppID for it to work.

This is a working example

Remember that Push Notification has different ID(s) for Android and iOS so use the one that fits your device,

Test can only be done with Android devices.
It does NOT work from the Web Live Test
You need to try it from the mobile and to see it working you might need to download and install the APK.

Happy Thunking!

I got an app id but not working without API

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I didn’t understand what you mean. Please explain further and show your codes.

Thanks a ton , it is working . But it is only sending to one user . i want to send notifications to all users . How to do that

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The PlayerID is a list. You need to fill the list with all ID(s) you want to send the notification to.

How will i know all player id ‘s ?

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How would you know the email addresses of your app users?
How would you know the phone numbers of your app users?
How would you know the device type of your app users?

It is the same thing about OneSignal PlayerID.

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I am very new to the coding . Plz help me . I want to send push notifications to all users . I am actually creating an app for blood donation . Plz help

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You need to collect PlayerID from each user. There is no other way.
If you have a Login Screen then get the PlayerID when the user Login and save it in your database.

It doesn’t matter what your app is doing. You have to find a way in your code to read PlayerID of each user and save it to use it later.

I don’t believe that is true.

When a user opens the app for the first time and the OneSignal component is installed, the phone’s UUID is automatically added to the default list in OneSignal.

There isn’t any interaction required from the end-user.

The app can then “send itself” notifications via the OneSignal API and the automatically generated PlayerID/ UUID.

Also, @arwaibrahim the word you are looking for is “Please”. “Plz” is not a polite part of internet culture (and not standard English).

what you’re saying is not polite. the community is not about silly english words. @arwaibrahim just wants this to be solved.

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