Push notifications on triggered event

Hi everyone,

I have searched for other topics relating to my but I can’t find any.

What i would like to do is send a push notification to a specific subscriber. I am building a taxi app, actually two apps, one for the driver and one for the clients. The driver will accept the pickup and send a push to notify the client.

I have tried the web api component but i can’t seem to get it working.

Tell me if i need to send screenshots to help getting solutions.

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There are dozens of topics about push notifications with One Signal and people offering suggestions about how to send notifications to specific users. I haven’t set this up myself but maybe these will get you going in the right direction:


Have you tried @albert project? It will give you lots of ideas for such task.

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I managed to come right, the apostrophes on the JSON body was different from the body that I typed out.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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