When a notification request comes from a specific user, I want to send a push notification only to that specific user

The app I am creating is an app that memorizes English words. I want to send a notification that 10 minutes have passed since a specific user saw a word.

I made it to count ten minutes.
When 10 minutes have passed, is it possible to send information of a specific user to onesignal that 10 minutes have passed, and to receive notification that 10 minutes have passed?
Or is it possible to implement it in a way other than onesignal?

This is my app address.

@mom7667yafy - I don’t know of any way to do this with Thunkable X at the moment.

Did you look into using some other no-code service like Zapier or Integromat to automate the notification process for you?

I do not know Zapier or Integromat. I would like to implement without using this.

I know on the link page above how to implement what I want is discussed.
It’s a bit missing or difficult for me to understand.
I want a detailed tutorial that even a beginner can follow.


It’s possible using onesignal API - you just use the β€œsend_after” or β€œdelayed” body parameter. In this case you would want to get the device time when the user saw the word and delay the notification for 10 mins past that time.

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Thank you.
I am relieved to hear that what I want to implement can be implemented as thunkable.

I am thankful to know that I can send push notifications by controlling the time with send_after in the rest api.