Select Table or Row from local Data


I am quite new to Thunkable.

I am working on an App using local Data in a Table.
I have created a main Table with a few Pages (“Tables”).
I want to display a particular “Page” when I click on a button.
I do not see any Block that allows me to select that option.
Also, is it possible to only display a particular row data while hiding the rest?


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You need to provide a project link or share screenshots so others understand what you mean.


Here is the project link.

In the third page, I have 2 Lists.
When I click on List 1, I want the data from Table Page 2 to be displayed.
When I click on List 2, I want the data from Table Page 3 to be displayed.

Alternatively, I can combine the data from Table Page 2 and Page 3 into separate Rows
and display the correct Row when I make the selection.


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Create another Data Viewer which is a copy of Data_Viewer_List2 and bind it to the other table.

then use this block to control it

See this demo
Two List

Hi @muneer

Thanks for your help!
It works now!.

I hope Thunkable provides a Block to select the Page in code.
That way, we can have a single Data Viewer and just select the correct Page.


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