Search Bar not working


I’m trying to make a search bar with list viewer. I made Jane’s version (Making a Search Bar) but my app is crashing and reloading. Is there any solution?



Example Jane have worked? If worked, then you change it and the new blocks break the application. I offer you three options:

  1. Find the error yourself and tell us about it, if you want to learn to program
  2. Give us a link to your application to this bug found someone else
  3. You can try my version on the screen scrFinder
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Hello actech,

Your project is really good, but it doesn’t work as I need. I’m trying to retrieve a column from airtable in listviewer, and search this items. I think Jane’s version is exactly what I need. I made Jane’s version, but when I live test, app crashes for some reason.

Another user posted the same error and Jane replied:

But I don’t know what does it means. Can you help me?


Hey @maauricio - this is the empty list block that Jane is referring to.


If you open her sample app you can see that this change is already in place.

Hey Domhnall,

So why the search bar isn’t possible any more?

Let’s see. You do not have a working example of Jane Automatic Update, which does not work for me?

More clarification on iOS apps crash when you try to use the example of Automatic Update?

I found the problem - crash on iOS and glitches on Android caused by the use of a global variable app block. How to fix it? Use variable functions which do not create such problems.