Search bar - dataview list?


I try to create a automatic search bar for a dataview list, but can get it to work. I have followed this tutorial but compared with the tutorial I assume that I need to “Set data_viewer_List_Wrapper” instead of “Text_item for List_viewer”. Any ideas why this don’t work?


Your green Set block is outside of the loop. You can’t use a loop index variable (i) outside of a loop.

I have moved the green Set block inside the loop but nothing happens, same as before, all rows are shown.

Your tempList variable needs to be a list of Data Viewer List component IDs. Is it? I’m guessing it isn’t. But you can get the block you need from the Any Component drawer. It will provide a list of all DVLs in your screen/group etc.

Perhaps you’re following this? Conditional Formatting of a Data Viewer List (aka "Painting the DVL")

Also, I feel like there was a known issue with using DVL wrappers but I’m not finding it at the moment.

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