Scavenger Hunt Tutorial

When I did the avatar scavenger hunt tutorial it won’t work it wont go to the next thing. :sob: Here’s the link: Thunkable . Please help.

When I click on next below an avatar, it goes to the next screen. What are you having trouble with?

When I use the smiley avatar and I find the flower it doesn’t say find a leaf. Which avatar did you use? :pleading_face:

You need to provide those kinds of details when you start a new topic. Just saying something doesn’t work isn’t enough info for people to help you.

I’ll check it out now that I know what you tried.

You need to set your app variable counter to 1 to start with, not 0. Because when you find a flower and app variable counter is 0, it gets increased to 1 and then you’re told to find a flower again.

Hi @Tatiang when the app variable counter starts at 1 (like you said), after I find the flower the correct goes to 2 but the question doesn’t change. It doesn’t say find a leaf which is after the flower. More help please :cry:

Have you checked to see if the description of your photo includes the word “flower”? I’ve found the image recognition in Thunkable to not be that reliable so it might be that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There are several ways to know for sure. You can change a label’s value to the description block or you can add a vibrate block inside the IF block and see if your device vibrates, for example.