Samsung Galaxy M30 UI is spoiled

I tried to test an app on a Samsung Galaxy M30, and it looked absolutely terrible.

This screen has scrollable set to true. The grey column in the middle is actually overlayed on a couple of buttons(I meant that to happen), but there’s some weird blue ‘film’ covering the bottom part of the screen, and I don’t know how it got there.
Why is this happening?

I was able to “resolve” this by setting scrollable to false.

Assuming that’s not an option here @codeswept :joy:

Is this just a screen by itself, or is it inside a navigator?

Can you just confirm you’re using v268 of Thunkable Live?

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Thanks! I managed to give it a little fix, but a column of mine that I set to invisible is still visible during live test. This is in the legacy UI.

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If the column has an absolute positioning then this is a known issue with Android.

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Yes, it has absolute positioning because I needed it to overlay. I wanted to make a custom alert. Any ideas on how to keep it invisible until I need it?

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Play with column size to make it the smallest possible.

Whenever you need it, make it to the size you want by code.