Sample project w/ a progress bar?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has ever created an app that includes logging a number of something, then displaying the data in a progress bar based off of a goal that was set?
How did you approach the project?
Apologies if I’m not wording this correctly; I’m new to English & Thunkable!

its non totaly the same but i use the loading Icon and as the code runs i put in different colours its a simple Que to see what is happening … just my 2 cents

Welcome to Thunkable! You explained it very well.

There are two ways I usually do this:

  1. Create images of each stage of the progress bar (for example, ten different images that show the bar 0% full, 10% full, 20% full, etc.). Swap them as the value you’re tracking changes. I recommend this method.

  2. Constrain the width of a sprite to the value you’re tracking using a percentage such as value ÷ maximum value * maximum width.