Need Help Making Progress Bar

how do i make a progress bar i have app question number variable and i want each time you answer the bar width increases showing person how far they came i dont have next question button it automatically switches to next question when previous is answered

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Maybe use a label with no text and set the background color and height to your liking. You’ll have to play with it to find the right scale but make the width change after each answer. For example after each question the width of the label is changed to labelWidth+25.

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can you make me a block to show me

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I had to set the label’s size as it wont do it by default (even trying to set it in the advanced settings didn’t work). So set the label default width to whatever you want and then for each question increase the label width by that much. The more questions you have the less width you have. NOTE- I just used a button so I could test if it worked (and it does). Add an if statement to when label reaches a certain width it ends. Since Thunkable X dosn’t give us the screens width like in classic, I suggest you play with it on your own to see what works best.


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ill have 300+ questions i cant add for all is there an alternative?

That is the only way I can think of. Like I said, Play with it. Use math blocks. A person won’t answer 300+ questions all at once so maybe break them down into groups of 20 or 50 and after they finished that group then reset the progress bar (the label).

Hi there,
Have you seen @domhnallohanlon 's post? He was teach us how to make it as well already :blush:

Awesome find, I was unaware that thread existed.