[Solved] Pie Chart and some help for a newbie!

Hello All!

Love this app! I have ZERO coding experience and have managed to build something vaguely resembling an Idea/App, so thanks!

Im a little stuck though. I’m creating an App that takes simple Daily/Weekly tasks and allows a person to toggle them when done, giving them a score. I’d like to create a dashboard where they can see their progression (think 3 ‘tasks’ per day. 21 per week. I’ve completed 7 so i’m 33% the way there) is there a way to show this visually? say in a Pie Chart?



As you’re new you might not be aware that before creating a topic you should search the forum.

Search for pie chart and read the topics, you will likely find a solution.

thanks for the reply, I had a read but to be honest, It was a little too complicated for my understanding currently.

Nevermind, I’ll keep trying

Hey @muzowebcreative0 ,

Maybe this progress bar would be a good fit for your use case?

Tutorial and remix link here:

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that looks fantastic, i’ll have a play. Thanks!

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Make beautiful and dynamic chart with C3 following the method outlined here!


@muzowebcreative0 check out Jared’s example above, and also there’s another topic about pie charts here too: