Run my app does not show like it is in the design screen

I am trying to use this dropdown menu in my app, but it does not show it corectly on the screen, my blocks do look ok for it. In the design screen it looks ok


But when running it, it looks bad

Here are my block code that I am try to use

Can you share a link to your project?

Thank you

screen VoegCentusBy

It looked like in the screenshot above you had a space before the comma in the delimiter section. So I checked your project and that’s the case. You need to remove those spaces.

If you have text “CENTUS,SBI,Gekoop” and you use the delimiter " ," with a space, it won’t separate those items. You need to use just a comma (“,”).

Thank you, did not know that the space will make that it don’t work.
It is working now

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You’re welcome. Yes, because space is allowed as a delimited. For example, if your text is “hello and goodbye” and you use a space (" “) as a delimiter, your list will be {“hello”, “and”, “goodbye”}. Or if you had text that is “one, two, three” and used " ,” as a delimiter, your list would be {“one”, “two”, “three”}.

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