Rotary Dials & Knobs

I think I found a good solution for Rotary Dials - buy making a button and have the code based on “touchup” or “touchdown”. But what about a knob? Ideally there would be a “touchleft” and “touchright”. Has anyone found a solution for this?

Perhaps I could say something, but I do not understand what needs to be done. What is Rotary Dials and knob?

check this out if it helps you


Thunkable X does not have a component rotation block, but you can create a discrete rotation using the button.

Sorry, for knob I’m referring to like the volume thing on your radio. You twist it to increase or decrease. I was thinking, the button wouldn’t need to record twist angle or anything just movement side to side. I’ll have to check out some of the examples folks have suggested.

Wow! Thanks, it’ll take me some time to cipher through the code.

Hi - I don’t know how to open this file. .aia file? Do you have a link to a Thunkable sample?

When you’ve downloaded the .aia file,
go to Thunkable, from menu Apps select
Upload app project (.aia) from my computer then Choose File
Select the downloaded .aia and that’s it.

Aia files are used in the Thunkable Classic. They can not be import into Thunkable X.