Reverse all Data in Airtable

Hi, I have an Airtable Database with some data that is uploaded and shown within the app (in a Data Viewer List) . Whenever a new entry is added, it shows at the bottom of the Data Viewer list. I need it to show at the top.

Is there any way to reverse all data in airtable? Alternatively, since all the entries are uploaded with Date, is it possible to sort it chronologically, with newest first?

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You have two options:

  • Use Airtable view with your type of sorting or sort the initial Grid View.

  • Import the table to a local table and sort it while importing the data.

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The third option is to filterByFormula using the Airtable API. It’s more advanced to do this so you might try @muneer’s suggestions first.

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Hi, which block do I use to do this?

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No specific blocks.
You need to get all rows from Airtable then go through the rows to check with row has earliest date to save it in an empty local table.
You need to create the blocks.

Check the Grid View ordering in Airtable which is easier and faster.

Within the Airtable Grid View, the only way to sort is Alphabetically.


Would this method be feasible for a table with many (30+) rows?

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I would suggest checking out Airtable’s filterByFormula. You can Google it but here is a good starting point:

It’s a bit of work to set up but it gives you full control over sorting and filtering the data.

This is correct. It will sort them Ascending or Descending and this is how Airtable shows it.

Yes, even 30 or 300 rows.

Hi, I’m not quite understanding what to use to achieve this. Like how to compare dates, since i’m using the Mth, Day, Year Format.

Isn’t there any easier way to just Flip all the data in the table?

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If your date column is not of type date then it will not work.

This will not work because the Entry Date column is of type single line text

I can understand why you would store data in this method especially considering we don’t have date transformation blocks. However, to do what you’re trying to do you’re going to need to store a date object. You need to set one of the fields on your table to be of type date. Then, when you use the airtable API you’ll be able to request your data sorted in a descending fashion or ascending fashion based on the date field.

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Once you create a data of type date then you can sort it in the view like this and the DVL will use the Grid View to show it with whatever sort you make it.
Date sort

Hi, thanks for the options. I figured it out using this video, by using two separate spreadsheets:

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