Responsive webviewer broken? Or just me?

I’m trying to make some screen shots for Apple, following these directions: , but when I try to open the webviewer, I get a brief flash of my app screen, followed by a while screen. The app works fine in Thunkable Live and in TestFlight. The preview does the same thing on the details page and when I click the preview button next to the designer page. (Older interface, not drag and drop.)

Here’s the problem app: Thunkable

I’d swear it was working OK the other day, and I haven’t changed what I’m doing very much. I /am/ using the acclerometer and gyroscope blocks - could that be breaking the web viewer?


I figured it out. I had a ‘round’ block that was getting a ‘null’ value from the web viewer (reasonably enough - no gyro). And apparently that causes the web viewer and preview screen to go all white screen of death. My fault for not sanitizing my sensor readings, but perhaps not the best behavior for the round block, either.

I’m curious what you would want the “round” block to do when it encounters a “null” value. It’s basically just passing that on to the next block which then may or may not trigger an error/crash.

Edit: actually, I just tested setting a label value to round [ null variable ] and it resulted in zero (0). Not an error or crash. So I’m not convinced it actually passes the null value at all.

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Sorry, I should have been clearer. It was actually the “with __ decimal places” block, not the round block.

This crashes the web preview and webviewer.

I’m not sure what that block ought to do if it gets a null. Maybe crashing is reasonable. You’re right, the outcome isn’t going to necessarily work for the block that receives it (although it would be fine in the MBE).

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