Web Viewer crashing while loading image


I am currently building an app that uses a webviewer along with a MediaDB to view images. Whenever I try to load my image, the app just crashes.

The problem originally was that the full height of the image was not being displayed, just the top part. I trying adjusting the height of the webviewer to see if that would solve the problem, but now the app just continues to crash.

I have tried putting it into a row, adjusing the height to fill the container, and so on but it just didn’t work. Would anyone have an idea as to what the problem may be, and how I could fix this? Thankyou.

You should use an image with the image URL.

Without a link to your app it is difficult to understand

That is what I am doing. I am storing image URLs in a database.

Are you using the image component?

Here is a link to a duplicate. The webviewer I am having issues with is on the first screen ‘Pictures’.


No I am using a webviewer. Should I use the image component for this?

Yes, definitely.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tryed using the image component, but the app continues to crash after loading the image.

oh, ok. I will try to help

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Your blocks don’t have any error checking or error protection. Do you think that the app should work well? In addition, you use a lot of duplicate blocks - and this is a good source of errors

Hmmm haven’t been using the error blocks, might be something i’ll have to implement.

Okay. I will have a look and see if I can minimize the duplicates. Thanks for the suggestion.

No, this is what you need to always implement in all projects! Imagine that you were given a Bicycle to ride down a mountain. You will immediately sit on it and go, or first check whether the brakes on the bike are working, whether there are any defects that are there, check what is at the bottom of the mountain and around the bend, can you safely pass it?

The more blocks you use, the more bugs and errors there will be in your app

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I see

Thankyou for all the help so far, its much appreciated. So I have went through the screen code and simplified it as much as I could. The app seems to be happy loading the rest of the UI for the screen, but still crashes whenever it tries to load the image. Below is the code I am currently using:

Slight suggestion.

  • the url is wrong
  • there is no url under that file path
  • the end path of the url is wrong

That might solve your problem.

oh ok.

Sorry, just to clarify for everyone I was just using a random image in the public duplicate for testing. It’s being properly used in the private version.

oh my good look
i can barley figure out how to use thunkable