Response time in App vs "Live test"

Checking up on the response times and if you have some expercienses to share.

When running my App in Testflight mode and press the buttons according to the game idea there is a significantly much slower response times than when i test the app in the “Live Test” in computer screen. Is there any process you know of that is ffecting the response time in particular?

Just to be clear…

  1. When you Live Test the project on a mobile device (not in the browser), it’s faster. Is this correct? And what type of device are you testing on?

  2. When you install the app on a mobile device using TestFlight, it’s slower. Is this correct?

  3. Are you using a Canvas component? Are the buttons sprites or button components?


  1. No the Live Test is performed at a computer PC and or MAC (either is quicker
  2. Yes correct - have tried to minimize code now and waiting for a new TF version to be Reviewed.
    Having said this. Each button has just one if statement, a very simple one. When the "If statement is done - a function is called. This one is more massive - But still it is callet AFTER the If statement is made - So should not impact…
    3.a No no canvas used
    3.b Button components (Not Sprites)

A browser test on a computer is not a Live Test. It is a Preview. I was wondering about that because a computer has a completely different processor and memory than a mobile device. This is why you need to do an actual Live Test using the Thunkable Live app or TestFlight. You should not rely on the speed or performance of an app in a browser preview if it’s going to be used eventually on a mobile device.

It’s very, very easy to cause slowdowns in Thunkable by doing things like using too many stored variables or assuming that a function has completed before the next block below it fires (that’s not how Thunkable works).

Ok Fair enough - That is what i was after - a check if someone knew - And you did. :smiley:
So - One more on this subject - I KNOW that i have to many unused blicks and assets in one of my apps.
Is there no way that i can use to see what assets are used or not. (So i easily can delete unessersary files?

No. This has been requested before and Thunkable has chosen not to implement it. See this: Remove unused assets · Issue #1223 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

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