[Resolved] Thunkable graphql error when trying to get data from tab in google sheets

I have a google sheets as a data source with several tabs ~6. All tabs except one are able to sync. The one tab that has issues keeps giving me an “unable to sync” This is wierd because it’s only one tab of the google sheets. It has been working until today (working for a couple of weeks). I would really appreciate some help on this.

Its very unusual, if i delete everything under row 1, then it will sync. It’s when something is entered in row two and beyond in this tab that i get this error.

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Hi @939sbroadway1a9rm2 ,

Thanks for bringing this up. Just wondering if your table has headers?

Strange issue to only happen with one table.

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I fixed it by basically opening up another google sheets to populate a table there. So far, it’s working.