[Resolved] Live testing IOS doesn't work [Dec 2022]


i can’t use live test on my ios device anymore since i updated the live companion on it

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I’m using version 357 and it’s working fine. What version are you running?

Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app?

Have you tried restarting your computer?

i try to use the 357 version

i have uninstalled and reinstalld it several times

i restarted my computer nothing new

I’ve installed and reinstalled twice on my iPhone and restarted the phone

Latest version iPhone 14 with update

Worked last night , then today nothing

It worked great on the previous version

357 isn’t working

Web view in computer is still good

But IOS not at all

It’s like the live test IOS Canvas pulls the designer end but doesn’t operate the underlined code blocks


i don’t use IOS Canvas fortunately :expressionless:

I guess I meant the IOS live app

So does your project just show up as blank in Thunkable Live or is there an error message that appears?

I can see the blocks that make up the project but it doesn’t work and I don’t get an error message

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Same here. The blocks seem not running. I cannot test on Android device.

Yes even i’m unable to use live test on iOS devices… the buttons are not functioning for some reason. I’m using my sister’s iPhone SE with iOS 16.2 running


It seems that the live view on iPhone 14 isn’t running any functions.

It brings up the project but doesn’t do anything

@bibbi @cresto.pgaxq2, can you share your Project URLs?

I second this issue, none of my buttons are working. @conroy do you guys need a minimum example?

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@varunkadapatti @bibbi @zander @Tommaso I am seeing the same now and was able to replicate on a simple example app. I’ve reported this to engineering. I will keep you all updated as we hear more.

Thank you!!!

Having the same issue…

Tried live testing last night on iOS, nothing.

This morning too, and again nothing.

Gets stuck on the first screen and none of the interactions work.

Hi @melvicsmithx, welcome to the community and thanks for posting! We have this issue flagged currently and are working to isolate the issue. I will post updates here as we learn more and have a timeline for getting things back to normal on the iOS Live app.