What happened with Live Test in IOS [not really solved]

Today I have a new problem with Live Test and Thinkable app on IOS 12.4.1. Every thunkable X app I test with Live Test has the following behavior : The screen with elements only shows very short and then the app is closed.

Do other with IOS have the same problem?

iPhone SE and iPad 2018 (both IOS 12.4


Seems that its was only a temporary problem

after some time it worked again

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Hi there,

We’re glad that this works for you!

Can I ask when you downloaded the Live Testing companion app?

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Directly after the last update.

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I thought that the problem would have been solved
But from time to time Thunkable Life on IOS does not work properly. Some times it shows only a blank screen or it opens each app from my list shortly and immediately closes it.

After several closing and opening Thunkable Life it works again.

What happened there?

Thunkable Live test no longer works on my IOS device - works fine on my android phone but not my ipad
help please

Hey @pdub are you seeing any error messages when you test?

Is this affecting all your projects or just one in particular?