[Resolved] Issues uploading provisioning file using Chrome v on MacOS 12.4 [Aug 2022]

Stuck a provision uploading
I cleared cache, etc. blocked unable to publish ios app

I’m using M2 Macbook Air, Chrome, MacOS 12.4, popups are enabled


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On my other laptop it works
M1 Macbook Pro, Chrome 99.0.4844.51, MacOS 12.4, popups on

Perhaps it’s another browser setting or this version of chrome (104) that is the problem?

This is definitely strange. Theres no telling exactly what they changed between updates but it would appear that the culprit is how they are handling certain kinds of code exchanges.

I’m glad you got it working. Can you roll-back to an earlier version or use a different browser for now?

It happened to me also in the last few days.

To solve this I refresh the page and start the process again 1-2 times.

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Just reported this as a bug. I will keep everybody apprised as I learn more and hear about any updates.


Hi all

We believe we identified the issue and have rolled out a hot fix. While we work to fix the underlying issue, we will be showing an error instead of letting you wait forever.

Please try publishing your apps again and pls do let me know if you’re still experiencing the same issue!