[Resolved] Download Android Server maintenance [Aug 2022]

Keep show Server is Maintenance. It is over 4 hours now.

Anyone have luck to download apk today?

Just now:

And this is the result following the instructions:

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Thank you for reporting this. I have just reported this in our internal bug tracker and escalated it to a very high priority. Please standby while we fix the issue at hand. I will come back and update this post when the servers have been restored. Thank you for your patience!

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I’ve been getting the message “All Android build servers are currently in maintenance mode” since yesterday afternoon but the status page says everything is running. Is there an ETA on resolving this issue?

This issue should be resolved at this time. Please execute a hard refresh and try downloading again!

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I was able to do a build after it was resolved last week. But now the same error is backthat all servers are in maintenance mode at 10:30am EDT this morning Monday August 8th.

Looking into this now. Thank you for reporting this @jon.fawcett8aghe
[UPDATE] - We are undergoing server maintenance. Please stand by and sorry for the delays!