Request for input: block status tracker

Super awesome! I’m writing the category parsing code and will get it into the status viewer tonight – probably :slight_smile:

Update: A copy paste in is below, or here’s the link: thunkablecompanion :

Should we add images of each block? They’d be teeny.

Cool idea and I think not very hard to implement - I’ll add bindings for the extra advanced parameters needed next time I edit the DVL (which is a bit of pain).


This looks great! The images would look tiny. If we use them, we might use them in a different part of the app. Maybe we use them when people are reporting bugs? Or we have have a single item status page. So when someone clicks on an item, it brings them to a detailed block viewer with data like current status, current bugs, pics, doc link, recent bugs, tips and tricks/workaround, ect.

Another thought. Would it make sense to add the app as a web app to a website, but then we can use the website as a UI. The app gives us the current status, and the website is a communication tool. We could add a domain to the website if we wanted.

@catsarisky Are you thinking about having the app for web browsers only, or native apps to? I pulled up the app you made on my phone, and I noticed that only half of the icons are viewable. The page was not scrollable.

What I have currently is definitely not ready for phones. I’ve been focusing on web (and a bigger screen) because I’m thinking no one is coding without a bigger screen. :slight_smile:


@catsarisky- I can do the following things but I also want to leave something for others who want to help :sweat_smile:

I could probably write the search screen (one component data) and I could try to work on the ‘editing part’. I’m sure I’ll need lots of help but it also seems like good learning.

OK, I’m officially done for the night.

The status page is basically functional (although until we /have/ values for status, everything is shown as yellow).
It’s slower than I’d like, and I need to fuss at it a bit to see if I can speed it up. I’m not sure if the problem is how I’m retrieving from Firebase (might be better to go back and grab a big JSON chunk and then pull bits out of it), or the fact that I’m making 86 rows in a local table.

If you click a component name, it’ll take you to the page for that component. I have made a VERY VERY EARLY demo for a small subset of the data and functionality that should be on that page. I’m picturing it being really easy to add a new link to a forums post or bug report right from that page. (Lots of edit buttons sprinkled around?) Anyone who’d like to redesign/remix (@codeswept?), please do. And I’m sorry - the code that’s there is messy because I stayed up an hour later than I should have whacking at silly bugs.

Copy link: Thunkable
Project page: Thunkable (preview doesn’t work super well - use webapp below.)
Web app as it stands right now (no parts polished): thunkablecompanion

Firebase (try not to blow it away but I have a backup anyway):
API key: AIzaSyAzF7ZCrJ6UYGIor-H1HLvfo32f28g-w-w
databaseURL: “

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This is great @catsarisky ! The internet is slow right now so it’s taking time to load but it seems great from what’s already loaded!

I think it’s always slow. I’ll plan to do some work to optimize it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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When gathering bug data in the app, should we be asking whether the User is using Regular X or DnD?

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A good idea - definitely on the individual pages. I’m reluctant to add six more rows to the tracker status - it’s already killing my browser.

On my to-do list is redoing the custom DVL to make it render faster. Too slow right now!

OK, so it was the images. This is quite a bit better. I suspect there’s still more optimizing to do, but I’m definitely getting closer.


I made it faster. Anyone who’d like a copy of the project is welcome to it. I was going to build the submissions part tonight, but instead I spent the time unpublishing web projects. With only two web apps allowed, I guess I’m not putting it online as a web app.

Here’s the project page, if anyone wants to remix:

And if you’d like the database behind it, here it is:
API key: AIzaSyAzF7ZCrJ6UYGIor-H1HLvfo32f28g-w-w
databaseURL: “

That /should/ allow you to link a remixed project to the same data.

@bnice, I’ll add the rest of the data you generated tomorrow (however far you got) and then I’ll post a JSON version of the whole database in case anyone wants their own firebase-readable version to play with.

If someone else would like to adopt this project, please do.


Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 11.41.21 AM
Unable to access the RTDB.

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Oh, you’d need to put the api key into thunkable.

I’ll also post a Json for anyone who wants to load a copy into their account.

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Oh, ok. I wanted to view it within firebase, so how can I do that?

Here’s the JSON. community-status-default-rtdb-entries-export.json - Google Drive

You can upload it to your own firebase or if you just wanted to browse it, it’s text :slight_smile:

@bnice 's latest block additions are in the database (including the json file). To see them in the app, hit the “reload all components” button and wait a minute.


Hi @catsarisky just looked at your project once again and saw a lot of great improvements.
Keep up the good work!
Anyways I feel like the button at the middle should have a left/right margin of 8:

Also the tracker seems to have a lot of lag when Im switching screens or pressing a button.

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Button positions are rather tentative. UI’s not my forte.
(Colors are also temporary.)

You’re meant to hit “reload all components” only rarely, to get the latest set of components when something new’s been added. It is indeed slow. Color updating (which pulls latest status) should be pretty quick, so the app should open right up the second time and be ready to use.

The other question is whether the browser you’re using can handle all the structure on the page. I had images originally but they were lagging my browser on my fast computer, so I had to change the DVL to be less hard for the browser to render.

The good news is it is a public project, so you’re welcome to remix and speed it up! (You’ll see my slower and faster color updating code both still present.)