Missing and broken Blocks

Have anyone else discovered missing blocks or bad blocks as on the picture.
I have over 1000 blocks missing on a screen.
I dont get any help from Thunkable in this matter, I am a little bit disapointed over the feedback from them.
What is your experions??

Hi Martin,

To date you have received responses from Albert, Hristo and myself via both chat and via email. I can also see in the system that we have sent you some questions that you have not answered yet either.

We are always trying to improve the quality and frequency of the support we provide (i.e. we’re not perfect!) but I really think it’s quite unfair to everyone when make such a statement.

In relation to your question it looks like you have deleted the buttons that have the red :warning: sign on them. If you click on the warning it will give you a brief description of what’s happening.

Have you renamed those components by any chance?

It is really fine you write that you have asked me questions. But theese question arrives days after.
So I have solved the problem on other ways.
And now you contacted me on the online chat. I think WOOOW that is nice. But then you dont have time anyway.
So all your reply have arived to me to late, because i need to find solutions. I really like your program and have been PRO user in the hope of better and a little faster reply.
Please dont contact anyone on the onine chat if you dont have time anyway. I also have other things to do.
Anyway I hope that we can meet on the chat again where you have time to help with my problem. Right now I have a almost finished app that have lost all the blocks on one screen and in a older copy the blocks looks strange. Like on the photo. I know abot the red marks. But that is the little problem. Look at the function to the right. That looks strange. Have also sent you video on the live chat but yoy havent seen that yet.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Br. Martin