Replacing Data in Airtable

I created an app where users can enter text that then gets submitted to Airtable. Here’s what I programmed so far: users can enter text into a text input box, text gets sent to Airtable after the user hits the “submit” button, and the row number the text was submitted to gets saved under an app variable called “row number.” After that’s submitted, another text input appears, allowing the user to change what they wrote.

Here’s what I want to do: the user can type into the second text input box, submit it, and then that text replaces the data from before in the row number specified in the variable. How would I go about coding this replacement?

Hey @bobsunscreen!

I have an example of how to do that here

Airtable tutorial

You can save new rows. See them in a list. Modify whichever you want. See row numbers etc.