Remove unused/non-referenced assets from my app

I’m cleaning up my thunkable project and I have hundreds of images some of which I’m not using. Instead going through every image line by line and referencing my thousand blocks of code to check if its being used or not. Could you provide an icon or button that tells me which assets I’m not using or not referencing in the code? Then in a matter of seconds I know and can choose to delete them from my project. Thanks.


I’ve made a Pull request
Regarding this issue.

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I don’t use the DnD experience its too laggy. I need something for the original editor interface.

This is especially needed because Thunkable doesn’t handle duplicate uploads well. If you upload assets with the same filename, it should replace the existing file. Instead, you have to rename the new file, upload it, delete the existing file… too many steps. And I agree with you that we need a way to know automatically which assets are not being referenced in the project.


Yes, I have made a similar comment about Figma imported images. If I delete the Figma imported screen, I’m lift with a long list of images that need to be deleted one by one.