Remember password

How do I make a remember password and fill it in automatically? I found that the Android system cannot be used.


Use the Local Storage component to store data for instance the password.

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What can’t I use Device variables?

I believe that local storage is unencrypted. Careful.

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What can I do?

Use stored variables instead.

But android can’t show!

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What do you mean by that?

Android can’t show,but iOS can.圖片

No, Android can show stored variables. Don’t use an else if, just use an else.

Yes Android Can Show Stored Variables
Does Anyone know how to send Voice messages through your chat app?

But it cannot be read and displayed on the text input box immediately when screen open!

But on ios, it can show!

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Hi there,

You can use stored variables to save data such as a password to the device.

You can see an example of this here: Sign In Masterpost - #3 by jane

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Please create a new topic about the voice messages.

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You can use this to store whatever you want. (doesn’t have to be in a function)

And you can use this to auto fill in the password textbox