*Remain unsolved*Critical Error occured when opening an app with image recognizer and photolibrary

Recently my Thunkable app, designed for student to complete spams critical error when trying to open using android phone.
I used to send similar post ([Solved] Critical Error Occured when opening app with Image recognizer and text and speech) about basically same issue occurs in the demo version, but this time the solution suggested not working on this particular project.
I have attached my error page in here.

the proj link is this one:

Hello @lawhoisingr
sorry to hear about your issue
this time the issue seems to be with the image component, could you please try to delete it and then add it again?

Thx for your help, but the same critical error screen still appears only after I delete every single component from the screen (using copy of project). Seems replacing image component cannot solve problem.

Hello @lawhoisingr
I am sorry that it didn’t work for you.
I found two things that are causing the app to crash:

  • Button’s Width to a specific value inside a Column with Width set to fill the container. To fix that please select fit contents on the Button’s Width.

  • The Height of the Row is 5px but the Height of the image inside is 200px. Please increase the Row’s Height.