Image recognition component is not working

The image recognition component is not working in thunkable x. i copied the exact code from the tutorial. I tried it few months back and it was not working then also. plz guide and help.

Hi @jilanihumraek6r57. Welcome to the community! :open_hands:

Can you please post a screenshot of the blocks you are using to build this app?

Accordingly you didn’t forgot anything in the blocks, the code works. I remember you that “image recognizer” doesn’t work as google image looks-like finder but it gives you a description of what you capture with your camera. Tested 1 minute ago.

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I tried it yesterday and the label that I wanted to show the description result of the image taken & uploaded just became blank :thinking: What happens in your project when testing @jilanihumraek6r57?

for me also, the label simply displayed the initial text that was given to it.

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in my apps there is a big delay and after that it sometimes works and sometimes not.

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Me too. It worked in yesterday but it just give a blank screen in my lesson after the image was captured by the camera. All of my students got the the result today.

I finally found out the reason.

It is because I have not put the image_recognizer block inside the camera block. The variable Photo is actually a local variable that would be out of scope of the camera block. So the image_recognizer block must be inside the camera block so that the variable Photo is still in the scope.

The correct answer should be like this.