Release Update 6/1/2022

Part of my mission leading up the front facing part of Creator Success at Thunkable is to make sure we’re all in the know! Starting this month, and as we move forward, I will be keeping the community up to date with releases for a variety of reasons.

One of the most important is so that we keep you all aware of what’s new and what’s been fixed. The reality is that it can be hard to follow up with everyone for every issue, BUT we want to report on these things when they get fixed. This helps keep us accountable to you all and let’s you know when

Another reason would be we want you all to be aware when new features release!


Video upload from photo library

Allow users to select videos from their photo library and upload to the app

Relative to device groups

  • Position groups relative to the device, not the Screen component
  • Allows eg. a fixed ‘footer’ group that stays in place while the end user scrolls on the screen


Improve layout of downloaded apps on iOS

  • Positions Screen better relative to notch area on iOS devices

Fix extra padding in Bottom Tab Navigator on iOS

  • Remove unwanted white bar under bottom tab nav on iOS

Fix block functionality

  • The ‘when Label Click’ block was not firing. This is fixed

Fix headerMode none for stack nav on webapps

  • Stack navs in web apps with ‘header mode = none’ still showed a header. This PR hides the header on web apps when ‘header mode = none’

Fix label number of lines

  • When Label ‘number of lines’ property set, make label on show (up to) that number of lines of text

Fix scrolling of DVL on scrollable screen on Android

  • DVL was not scrollable on scrollable screens on Android. This PR fixes that

Fix Lottie error message (show if invalid asset selected)

  • Shows ‘please select animation file’ if invalid file is selected for Lottie component

Fix projects page in list view layout

Fix hover error on admob banner

  • In Design tab, if you moused over an AdMob banner, you saw errors in console. This is now fixed

Hi Jared, can you please provide examples or update the online documentation to reflect this?


Paulo Vaz

I’m interested to buy a team pro paid plan but have a few question about certain contradicting sections of Thunkable Terms and Conditions. Is there a customer support phone number? Who should I discuss that with? Thank you so much in advance

Regards, Darian

Hi Jared

When will the new iOS download feature be released/unpaused?


As I am working on converting my app to DnD, I have found issues with the Relative to Device and Relative to Screen settings. I have a screen with a bottom group of buttons. These buttons are only visible to subscribers to the app and, when the screen loads, they should be loaded invisible until the screen is done loading. If I use Relative to Screen, they are hidden until the screen gets done loading and then show up. However, this puts a gap at the bottom of the screen and they are essentially hidden behind the next group because of the gap left at the bottom of the screen. If I use Relative to Device, they work great…with the exception of Android. Android ignores the visibility of the group completely and the buttons load at the top of the screen, on top of my loading screen, and then jump to the bottom after the screen loads. Here is a screenshot:

And, here it is after it is loaded:

They should NOT be visible at all while the screen is loading, but they are. I have only tested this with the Thunkable Live app but, in my experience, this would also replicate to a published version. Anyone else having similar issues?


Hi Jared

Just following up, do you have a roadmap/expected date on the update to iOS downloads feature?


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Sounds like you may still be experiencing this issue. Can you share a project that demonstrates this behavior with me? I can’t seem to replicate this on my end.

We don’t have a hard timelilne yet, though we are hoping to release it sooner rather than later in the year.


I’ll have to create something, @jared. I removed my DnD conversion to finish my next release in StP. The only issue I have now is button text alignment, but that’s not a deal killer. If I get some time, I’ll set up a test project to mimic what I was trying to accomplish.


Hi Jared

Just a follow up on the iOS download feature; still on for this year?

Hello Jared.

I have uploaded PDF files in my app but only on Android, the PDF Viewer is not scrollable. Users have to press buttons to navigate up and down… Will there be an option to just scroll through PDF pages and pinch in/out to zoom in/out like how regular PDF viewers have?

@jared The Thunkable provisioning profile for apps downloaded directly last year has expired; resulting in a few of our deployed apps not functioning as of today. Any chance the update with the user provisioning profiles will be released soon?

@bleedingedge Thanks for flagging this! We are working on getting that provisioning profile updated now. We’ll send updates here as this gets updated.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hello @jared

In the thunkable live app and web preview show that things are not equal.

the list viewer and the text display position is shifted, I suspect that the screen size affects the display problem. I am afraid that there will be display problems after exiting the program.

i attach the photo let you see the the case of displacement

this is my iphone 13 pro max on the thunkable live app see the situation

this is in my computer web preview see the situation

do you see the list viewer have gap in the middle, and the text there is a problem with the displayed location?

I hope thunkable can fix the bugs.

@kinhangyu Please create a new topic if you are seeking assistance with something. I will be locking this thread from gathering further replies now.