Rejected App 'hidden external payment mechanism'

Hi All,

The Apple Store has been rejecting our app, citing that the app contains a hidden external payment mechanism. The app is quite simple and does not intend to feature any payments. We haven’t been able to find anything in the running app itself.

Has anyone encountered this before or know a solution?



We haven’t seen this before. Could you share the project with us (here’s how)?


Hey @David_Rotenberg,

Could you please send us the full message your received from Apple?

Thanks a lot,

Hi All,

I will look to upload the app once I have an opportunity. Apple has provided a more detailed message:

Thank you for your patience and your explanation. While there doesn’t appear to be an obvious use for the Stripe SDK included in your app, it is fully instantiated, and given the configuration it would be extremely prudent to remove the SDK use if it’s not intended to be accessible.

Additionally, it appears that the EXJavaScriptResource setup in the app’s binary code potentially extends the app’s use of React Native into a remotely modifiable app, which would end up in violation of iOS App Store Guideline 2.5.2, so it would be advisable to look into that to ensure arbitrary code or script updating for app functionality is not in place here.

Since we are not actively using this functionality at all within our app, wouldn’t this affect all apps that are attempted to be published?