Register my thunakble app for copyright


I would like to register a copyright for my app. I was wondering if I could do that with my thunkable app. I don’t want my app idea to be stolen and I don’t want the artwork and text I made to be stolen either.


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Anyone can steal an idea. You can’t really copyright an idea. Google trademarks and copyright for more information.

If you created it yourself then it is already copyright. No one in the world is allowed to use it without your permission. For “extra” security you can try and register it with the copyright office in your country.

It’s hard to copyright most words. If you have created original content that is completely unique no one is allowed to use it without your permission. However, this is a grey area and it all depends on the text itself.


Follow up:

Take for example your app “ Anatomy Of The Cardiac System”. As it stands anyone can copy it because you have made it Public. Anyone can take that app and do what they like with it.

However, if you create another app and make it Private by purchasing the Pro Subscription then you can work on it in private and publish it.

If the images in the new app are ones you created yourself no one can legally use them, and any unique text can’t be legally used without your permission (unless someone quotes your text and makes it clear it came from your app).


You can’t really register it for copyright. You could try adding watermarks and credit text to your app to know it’s not stolen, but it’s easy to get away with.

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I(me) reccommend

adding watermarks and credit text is availible AFTER you submit your project to the play store. to add it, you’ll need to know what is play protect.