My app permissions

I published my app two days ago
I just found that my app has permissions that I’m not using “see attachment”
App needs (memory + calendar) only
Play store is showing that there is (In-app purchase) which is also not implemented


Hi there,

Could you copy the link of this app project from your browser and send it to me please?



Hi @jane
I will send you the link in two hours

Thanks in advance

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Any news regarding my issue? :hugs:

The fact that a single app requires a lot of permissions of components that the app doesn’t need
is very wierd. Nowadays the people is very afraid about sharing his private information… More in strange cases… I think that the plataform have to do something right now with this…

Please, share our opinion!


Thanks for sharing @Leito - we will review this and let you know what we come up with.


Thanks Dom, I have 2 options, the first one, make a privacy policy (if you have some advice or tip, I will apreciate) and publish the app right now with this big disadvantage or the second one, wait for the solution…
Do you know how long it can take approximately?
Really with those permisions i think that its crazy to publish the app… I have ready the social networks, everything ready to the release.:cry:

Heyy @Abdelrahman1 (, i watched your situation, I downloaded your app to see what happens, but i didn’t see anything of those permissions, How did you fix this???

This isn’t really an option at all - if you want to get a favourable listing in the Play Store you must create a privacy policy. There are lots of services on the internet and several have been suggested in the community too:

Think about it the other way around - if you were running an app store would you encourage your visitors to download apps that didn’t have privacy policies in place?

Who is this directed at?

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Thanks Dom! i did it! Now i m waiting for the aprobation :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::star_struck::star_struck:

Yes, the message was directed to @ Abdelrahman1.

Yes it will not show a window that asks the user to accept any permission
But in app store it shows to many permissions in the permissions section
It is showing that there is “In-app purchase” while it doesn’t contain any payment component

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Hi again Abdel!! Finally i published my app!!! But i cannot find It when i search it in Google Play by his title, how did you do to reach that?