Permission required to publish app - Read-Phone-State

Hello Thunkers,

I am having similar problem (permission ) when publishing my app in Play Store.
I published AAB file & it was rejected due to having Read-Phone-State permission.

My app is about an eBook & doesn’t require any access to the phone except for saving bookmark via stored variable.
I read about past discussion in this community; 1 solution perceived as useful; via editing manifest.xml however that should work for APK format & I don’t find any discussion about editing AAB file.

Please provide solution in Thunkable platform itself as to remove unnecessary permissions before downloading/publishing the app.

I would need this support the soonest

Thank You


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This issue has been cleared long ago.

Do you have Bluetooth connection in your project?
Do you have access to any other sensors such as Location Services in your project?

If you have one of the above or you have tried adding it and then removed it then you need to contact Thunkable support to remove the corresponding entries.

Just genrate a privacy policy from

Greetings Muneer,

I’ve tried those sensors & removed it.
Whom should I contact to clear it?

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Can you please look into this issue?

Please note it is the weekend so you might not get a response until the working hours of Monday USA time.

Greetings Muneer,

Appreciate your support.

However, I’ve been seeking help since last Thursday for numerous issues since my first download with very poor respond/support

Hope to get this particular topic resolved the soonest.

Thank You,


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Hi @muneer, thanks for helping.

@satiaradhi.cemgp - apologies you haven’t received a response from us, I am looking into this with the team.

Can you DM me your project link please?

Thank you!

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Greetings Cassandra,

Here you go

Please help to solve this issue the soonest

Thank You,


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Greetings Thunkable Support Team,

I hope all is well.

I received respond from at least 3 Thunkable staffs which is good, however unfortunately none return with respond/feedback or solution.

The idling time is killing…

Please help me to move forward in publishing this app.


Greetings Thunkable Team,

I hope all is well with you…

My App is not well & I’m yet to receive solution from anyone of you; it’s almost 1 weeks I’m waiting idling

I spent almost 4 months to develop this App & my effort shouldn’t go futile due to technical error caused by bug in Thunkable platform!!

I still have hope that you’ll come back to me with solution & my App is ready to publish.

Thank You,


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I believe you got the issue very wrong. There is no bug in Thunkable related to what you are describing.

As recommended earlier by @namitnagar you can add in your privacy page (this must be provided anyway) an explanation about the phone state permission just like many of us and it was accepted by both Play Store and App Store. It is clear that it is you who opt to wait with this idling as you like to call it instead of amending your privacy statement and go ahead. You have decided to wait so don’t make a lot of noise if you have to wait longer. You can, at any time, change your decision and go ahead with your app and publish it as is.

Hope this is clear.

Many thanks for your understanding.

@muneer pls get yo language right.
This is not how u respond to Thunkable customer.
Even as general courtesy to free user this is not a right way to respond.

Thunkable staffs are responding to issues but not closing it. I had follow up personally via emails but when no respond made that I had to escalate in community.

I had 4 Thunkable folks responded to my query;
First it was from you that providing next path forward by asking yo colleagues to follow up & fix the issue

Later, same time Namit responded via solution that I need to fork up additional money on top what I had paid Thunkable & will pay Thunkable 10% to manage AdMob. Why should I use expensive solution?

My App doesn’t gather any data from user thus I had nothing to declare!

Then Cassandra came in after Muneer delegated this issue but not respond after I responded as per her request.

Not to forget Jane came in as well asking as per Cassandra but not respond either.

I need to know for sure if there’s no other solution besides than paying additional for privacy policy declaration.

Please confirm

Thank You

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I’m a Thunkable user. I’m not one of Thunkable staff.

I’m a user like you and like many others in this community. I have my own apps (designed by Flutter and some by Thunkable) and with each app I published I uploaded the privacy policy as requested by the stores.

@muneer noted. 10q

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@jane @domhnallohanlon please advice on solution officially. Let’s put an end to this topic via finalising the solution within yo next EOB

Greetings @muneer @namitnagar @domhnallohanlon

Finally this issue is resolved via adding privacy policy
Managed to publish the App for internal testing.

Thanks a lot…


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